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Ready-To-Go Culture Instructions

Our Ready-To-Go fruit fly cultures are the cheapest and easiest way to create your own fruit fly cultures.  They are the solution to customers who need a lot of flies, but don't have much money to spend.  They are extremely easy to use and are perfect for beginners.

Our Ready-To-Go cultures come with everything a quality culture should: a large, durable container, our high-quality media and plenty of aspen fiber.  Using them is very simple...


1.) Gently take out aspen fiber
2.) Empty media from plastic bag into container
3.) Add ½ cup of clean, room temperature water
4.) Carefully stir to dissolve media
5.) Wait about 1 minute for media to harden
6.) Gently place aspen fiber back into container.
7.) Add Flies

Yes, that's it!  You now have a high-quality fruit fly culture just like the ones we make here are Snail Tail Flies; only easier on your wallet if you have a few minutes to spare.

Premium Dry Mix Fruit Fly Medium Instructions

Our fruit fly medium was designed so anyone can use it with similar, incredible results.  Simply mix the food in a 1:1 ratio (volume wise) with distilled water, give a gentle stir, and let sit for approximately 30 seconds, allowing it to harden firm.  This medium is designed to work for both D. melanogaster and D. hydei.

Methyl Paraben Instructions

Methyl paraben is a mold inhibitor which can be added to any fruit fly medium to prevent mold from forming in the culture.  Add roughly 1 teaspoon for every 3 cups of dry mix fruit fly food.  It is not necessary to add methyl paraben to Snail Tail's Premium Dry Mix Fruit Fly Medium.


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