Frequently Asked Questions

How do I feed insects that fly to my pet?

It's pretty difficult, which is why all of our fruit flies are flightless; that's right, flies that can't fly!


How long after I recieve them will it be until they start producing?

This depends on the species you order.  If you requested Producing Cultures, they should start producing fairly quickly or be producing on arrival.  Fresh cultures can take between 11-28 days.  Visit the Care page for details on the life cycle.


I need a lot of fruit flies...are you able to supply us?

Sure; we are able to fill orders for several hundred cultures at a time.


I really need these flies quick...can you ship them overnight?

Yes, but we require you to pay the difference in the shipping price.  If you are in a rush, also try some Already Producing cultures.


I live right by you...can I pick up the cultures from you?

Yes, but you must let us know in advance; see here for more details.


Are fruit flies healthy for my pet?

Our fruit flies are grown on our premium fruit fly medium, which means you know your flies are gut-loaded with a wide variety of vitamins and protein, making them very nutritious for your pet.


I am going to be ordering fruit flies on a regular you give price cuts?

Sure, we give price cuts to all of our regular customers.  We can also arrange to ship them to you without you ordering on a regular basis.  See our Wholesale page for details.


I really like your website.  Do you design them?  Can you design me one?

Yes and yes.  I do design all of the Snail Tail sites myself and I am able to provide websites, logos, flash design and search engine optimization.  Just let me know what you need.  See our Sites page for details.

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